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FSB Premier
Wealth Management

Providing Client Focused Financial Planning Services for the Cedar Valley and Beyond

Discover What Sets Us Apart

Invest in your Future Waterloo, IA FSB Premier Wealth Management

Invest In Your Future 

By Investing With Us

With over 30 years of financial experience, we can help simplify your investment strategies and guide you on the journey towards achieving your goals. Our recommendations are designed to help grow, protect and transfer your wealth.

From those who are just starting out to business owners navigating additional complexities, our planning process is focused and efficient, because we know how busy life can be.

Let Us Help

You’ve Earned It

We are dedicated to helping you build wealth, knowledge and confidence in your financial success. You work hard for your money, it’s time to let your money work hard for you.

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Let us Help you Waterloo, IA FSB Premier Wealth Management

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All About

Meet Your FSB Premier Wealth Management Team

Ryan Risetter Photo Ryan Risetter Hover Photo

Ryan Risetter

CEO, CCO, President
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Ryan Risetter

CEO, President

Cell Phone: 319-240-0405
Office Phone: 319-235-6561
Email: rrisetter@fsbfs.com

Ryan and his wife Holly thrive on being engaged with their three active kids – Brady, Addison, and Mr. Ben – as well as their two dogs. When they do find a little free time they often spend it with friends, playing a round of golf at Sunnyside, catching a Cubs game, hiking out in the mountains of Montana, or grabbing a cold beverage at local brewery Singlespeed. Ryan and Holly are also active volunteering with a wide variety of civic organizations throughout the Cedar Valley.

Ryan brings over 20 years of experience to the financial industry. Besides being the CEO and President of FSB Premier, Ryan is also an Executive Vice-President of the firm’s banking affiliate, Farmers State Bank (FSB).  At FSB, Ryan oversees the Private Banking team, specializing in custom lending solutions for medical and dental providers as well as growing businesses across various industries.


  • Securities licenses held: Series 7, 24, 66
  • Life insurance and variable annuity licensed
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA): University of Northern Iowa
  • Graduate School of Banking, Executive Management: University of Wisconsin - Madison

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Rod Duroe Photo Rod Duroe Hover Photo

Rod Duroe

CFO, FinOp
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Rod Duroe

CFO, FinOp

Office Phone: 319-235-6561
Email: rduroe@fsbfs.com

When it is nice outside, you’ll often find Rod out on the golf course, especially Sunnyside. Once winter sets in and the snow starts flying, he spends free time zipping around the Cedar Valley on his snowmobile. He also keeps busy traveling and volunteering for several civic groups.  

He brings over 27 years of experience to the financial industry. Besides being the CFO and a Vice President of FSB Premier, Rod is also CEO and President of the firm’s banking affiliate, Farmers State Bank. 


  • Securities licenses held: Series 7, 27, 66
  • Life insurance and variable annuity licensed
  • Wartburg College
  • Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin - Madison

Schedule a Free Consultation with Rod

Tiffany Coffin, CFP® Photo Tiffany Coffin, CFP® Hover Photo

Tiffany Coffin, CFP®

Private Banker, Wealth Advisor
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Tiffany Coffin, CFP®

Private Banker, Wealth Advisor

Cell Phone: 319-830-8982
Office Phone: 319-235-6561
Email: tcoffin@fsbfs.com

Follow Tiffany on

As a former collegiate athlete Tiffany enjoys playing volleyball, softball, and attending sporting events. You can often find her and her husband Mitchell cheering on the Cubs and Hawkeyes. She is also a busy mom of three to Jett, Ivy, and Remi Jo. When she’s not busy changing diapers, getting snacks, or playing at a park she likes to attend concerts, take vacations with her family to create memories, and spend time with family and friends. 

She brings to FSB years of experience in the financial industry within investments, retirement plans, and life insurance.  She works with families, women, and business owners to create a plan that they can understand, implement, and follow. Life can be busy enough, let Tiffany help make your finances easier, as she sees her role as your personal CFO.


  • Securities licenses held: Series 6, 7, 66
  • Life insurance and variable annuity licensed
  • Bachelor of Science - Interdepartmental Studies 2012: University of Iowa

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Jacob Myrvik Photo Jacob Myrvik Hover Photo

Jacob Myrvik

Private Banker, Wealth Advisor, Operations Manager
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Jacob Myrvik

Financial Advisor, OperationS MANAGER

Office Phone: 319-235-6561
Email: jmyrvik@fsbfs.com

The University of Northern Iowa brought Jacob Myrvik to the Cedar Valley, and upon graduation he stayed in the area and purchased a home in Waterloo with his wife Sarah. If he wasn’t a financial advisor, he would likely be a professional disc golf player. He feeds that passion by traveling across the state and even to Illinois and Minnesota to play different courses, whenever he has an opportunity. In the summer if you can’t find him on a disc golf course with his dog Foster, he might be relaxing by the pool at Lost Island with Sarah. When football season comes around he finds time to cheer on the Iowa Hawkeyes and Minnesota Vikings. For an activity they are able to enjoy year-round, Jacob and Sarah make time to regularly play trivia with family and friends. 

Jacob has around three years of experience in the financial industry and brings and energy and enthusiasm to the firm that is immediately clear upon interacting with him. His knowledge, along with his attention to detail allow him to provide a superior customer service experience.


  • Securities licenses held: Series 7 & 66
  • Life insurance and variable annuity licensed
  • Bachelor of Arts [BA] – Business Economics, May 2015: University of Northern Iowa

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Jacob Stalder Photo Jacob Stalder Hover Photo

Jacob Stalder

Private Banker, Wealth Advisor, Investment Operations Assistant
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Jacob Stalder

Private banker, WEALTH ADVISOR, Investment operations assistant

Office Phone: 319-235-6561 
Email: jstalder@fsbfs.com

Jake recently moved to the Cedar Valley area from West Des Moines, and has lived in Iowa his whole life.  He enjoys outdoor life and is a baseball fan at heart, having played and coached for many years.  Jake also enjoys skiing, hiking, cycling, reading, and running. He also actively participates in local 5K's, and is actively involved in his community.

You can find Jake cheering on his Chicago Cubs, and watching any Iowa Hawkeye football or basketball games.  He has been slowly becoming a UNI Panther fan since moving to the area.   


  • Series 7,66
  • Life Insurance licensed
  • Currently progressing through CFP program 
  • Bachelors of Science (BS) from Iowa Wesleyan University in Psychology - May 2014

Jake brings over five years of financial services experience to FSB Premier, in a wide variety of capacities serving both clients and advisors. His approach is collected, while being focused on empathy and understanding when working with clients.  He brings a noticeable work ethic and kindness to the firm and is dedicated to being in service of our clients. 

Check out Jake's regulatory history on FINRA's BrokerCheck

Scott Waechter Photo Scott Waechter Hover Photo

Scott Waechter

Private Banker, Wealth Advisor
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Scott Waechter


Cell Phone: 319-830-0172
Email: swaechter@fsbfs.com

Scott was raised in Cedar Falls and still calls the Cedar Valley his home. Three very active children (Karsten - 8, Joe - 7, Wil - 4) keep Scott and his wife (Alex) extremely busy. Free time is filled with outdoor activities, such as laser tag, water balloon fights, and fun! Baseball and college football, cooking, and anything outdoors are his top interests. A favorite vacation spot for his family of five is Kansas City. Overall, time with his kids and family is his favorite way to spend the day. 

He brings to FSB nearly seven years of experience in the financial industry, including Medicare. Besides providing superior service to his clients, him and his family are very active members of their church. 


  • Securities licenses held: Series 7, 66
  • Life insurance, annuity, variable annuity, health, and LTC insurance licensed
  • 7 years of experience in the financial industry

Check out Scott's regulatory history on FINRA's BrokerCheck

Alexander Vlach, CFP® Photo Alexander Vlach, CFP® Hover Photo

Alexander Vlach, CFP®

Private Banker, Wealth Advisor
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Alexander Vlach, CFP®

Private Banker, Financial Advisor

Cell Phone: 515-681-1558
Office Phone: 319-235-6561
Email: avlach@fsb1879.com

Alex was born and raised in Johnston, IA and has been part of the FSB team for the past 5 years. As a UNI grad, he retains close ties to the Cedar Valley but was excited to return back to his roots and currently resides in West Des Moines. When he is not in the office you’ll find me outdoors at state parks, putting miles on the local bike trails, and trying all the amazing restaurants Des Moines has to offer.

Investments and financial markets are a passion of mine and have fascinated me from a young age. Getting to work with them each day while helping my clients to plan and strengthen their financial futures is a dream come true!


  • Securities licenses held: Series 7, 66
  • Life insurance and variable annuity licensed
  • Bachelor of Arts – Finance & Real Estate, May 2016: University of Northern Iowa

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Scott Mueller Photo Scott Mueller Hover Photo

Scott Mueller

Private Banker, Wealth Advisor
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Scott Mueller

Private Banker, Wealth Advisor

Cell Phone: 319-464-4734
Office Phone: 319-235-6561
Email: smueller@fsbfs.com

A UNI graduate, Scott lives in Cedar Falls with his beautiful wife [Sarah], their two very active boys [Jacob and Lucas], and their dog [Sadie]. There is a never a dull moment in their household, so when he does find a little free time, he enjoys “Jeeping” with his family and friends. For anyone not familiar with the term, it is a fun way to experience the outdoors by going along cliff sides, up and down steep inclines, exploring jeep trails which are inaccessible by standard vehicles, and so on. You’ll also often find him tending to their garden during the summer. He is a die-hard Cubs fan, so you’ll also catch him watching a game whenever he gets a chance. 

Scott has been working within the financial industry for over 15 years. He is also an active Board Member for the Iowa Heartland Habitat for Humanity and also sits on their Homebuyer Selection Committee.


  • Security Licenses: Series 66 and 7
  • Life insurance and variable annuity licensed
  • Bachelor of Arts - Finance, May 2004 - University of Northern Iowa
  • Graduate School of Banking Graduate, class of 2018 - University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Recipient of University of Madison Executive Leadership Certificate, August 2018

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Abby Sears Photo Abby Sears Hover Photo

Abby Sears

Private Banking Manager
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Abby Sears

Private Banking Manager

Office Phone: 319-235-6561
Email: corporate@fsbfs.com

Abby and her husband Drew have their plates full chasing around their two young daughters (Livia and Emme) and their two dogs (Gus and Pixie). However, Abby believes in balance and makes a concerted effort to make time to not only work hard in life, but to enjoy it as well. She is an avid traveler, spends quality time with her family, bikes the scenic trails of our Cedar Valley, and enjoys the wide variety of excellent local establishments our community has to offer. Drew and Abby enjoy their date nights at Montage, and Abby also likes to drive to Decorah to make a stop at Toppling Goliath.  

She brings over 15 years of experience to the banking and financial industry. Abby is also the Treasury Management Officer of the firm’s banking affiliate, Farmers State Bank. 


  • Life insurance license
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA): Upper Iowa University
  • Bachelor Degree (Finance): Upper Iowa University

Murphy  Photo Murphy  Hover Photo


Read Bio


Chief Morale Officer

Office Phone: 319-235-6561
Email: corporate@fsbfs.com

Murphy enjoys belly rubs, spending time playing with her family and chasing them around the yard, and singing her favorite songs for all to hear [which some people refer to as barking]. It is common for her to spend her time in our Tower Park office wandering around and offering her assistance in any way she can. While not mingling with employees and customers, she tends to strategize and daydream in her basket located in her favorite employee’s office [Ryan Risetter, who also provides her with complimentary room and board]. When asked what some of her favorite things about FSB are, she said that the people are super friendly, there is often popcorn popping in the breakroom, and due to the modern, open concept of our office building, there is plenty of room for her to run around indoors and to play fetch. 

She is a fluffy golden-doodle, both hypoallergenic and housebroken. A product of good grooming and a healthy upbringing, she exudes a kind spirit and boundless energy which is inspiring to all who interact with her. While she may be new to the financial industry, she is willing and eager to learn. Despite the intangible value she brings to the office, Murphy doesn’t require much in regards to compensation from FSB, other than getting pet/cuddled and having first dibs of the leftover popcorn and fast food items in the office trash bins. 

Murphy knows life can be “ruff” so she has made it her personal goal to make FSB’s employees and clients smile, no matter how their day is going. 

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Understanding the Depth of your Journey Waterloo, IA FSB Premier Wealth Management

Understanding the Depth of Our Journey

FSB Premier Wealth Management, Inc. is the wealth management affiliate of Farmers State Bank, a full-service bank founded in 1879. 

In 2009, FSB Financial Services, Inc. purchased the Warner Group, Inc., a full-service broker-dealer/registered investment advisor that had been operating in the Cedar Valley since the mid-1980’s.

Over the years, we’ve consistently provided trusted, personal service and individualized solutions to help you succeed.

Our Firm At a Glance


Fully Licensed Advisors


Registered Office Locations


Assets Under Management


Years of Business


Thing Remains The Same...

The passion and commitment of our team to help our customers live comfortably through the many transitions of life.

Life Can Be Tough

We believe that being financially prepared can help make things simpler, and we’re here to help guide you along the way.

Explore Our Services

What Makes Us Different? Waterloo, IA FSB Premier Wealth Management

What Makes
Us Different

When you meet with us, you’ll quickly discover that our goal is to work with you no matter how complex your financial situation may seem. As a modern investor, you want the details surrounding your planning process to be clear, effective and transparent from the start. That’s where we come in.

Financial Advice

Without action and diligence behind the implementation of a financial plan or strategy, nothing would get accomplished in the way you’d hope. We work collaboratively to not only bounce ideas and recommendations off of each other, but to hold one another accountable when it comes to achieving success.

We are a young team. And while we view our youthfulness and modern approach to be a great strength, we have the experience and education needed to further exemplify the foundations of our recommendations.

Actionable Financial Advice Waterloo, IA FSB Premier Wealth Management

What You Can Expect 

Personable Contact Waterloo, IA FSB Premier Wealth Management

Personable Contact 

Can’t come to us? Not a problem. With vibrant, energetic guidance, our team is happy to meet with you locally or wherever works best for your situation in order to discuss your needs.

Higher Education Waterloo, IA FSB Premier Wealth Management

Higher Education

We’re constantly challenging ourselves to continue learning about the industry and keeping up with the changes taking place. Because of this, we offer modern and fresh suggestions that tie in seamlessly with your circumstances.

Unbiased and Judgement Free Waterloo, IA FSB Premier Wealth Management

Unbiased + Judgment Free

Our goal is for you to feel comfortable when you meet with us, which is clear by our unbiased understanding of your goals and lifestyle.

Spirit of Teamwork Waterloo, IA FSB Premier Wealth Management

Spirit of Teamwork

Through collaboration, along with our advisor’s individual strengths and niches, we will work together to find what strategies can be developed to address your forward-thinking goals.

Don’t Take
Our Word For It

We are an energetic team with the foundational knowledge and education that our clients continuously seek. 

Let Us Show You

Strategies Built With You In Mind

Clients that we Serve Waterloo, IA FSB Premier Wealth Management

Our Clients Are At the Core of Our Solutions

We believe in taking strategic action and working in a collaborative, teamwork-focused environment, which allows our firm to work in your best interest. Simply put, we succeed when you do.

No matter your stage in life, we can develop a personalized plan for you and your life goals. 

We Work With Clients Who Are...

  • Young Professionals

  • Experiencing Milestone Moments

  • Developing Financial Growth

  • Business Owners

  • Pre-Retirees & Retirees

Can You Relate?

Whether you’re just starting out, encountering a milestone moment, or experiencing financial growth, we can help you further understand the complexities of your wealth as well as how to remain on track so you can enjoy the moment you’re in.

Start Working With Us Today

Can you relate? Waterloo, IA FSB Premier Wealth Management

Passionately Structured Solutions

Question mark Waterloo, IA FSB Premier Wealth Management

If You’re Feeling…

  • Like you can't commit the time needed to invest properly
  • Uncomfortable talking about your finances
  • Embarrassed because you aren’t financially fluent

Check mark Waterloo, IA FSB Premier Wealth Management

...Then You Should Know

  • Our goal is to be as efficient and streamlined as possible
  • We proudly offer a judgment-free, safe space with a total commitment to your financial well-being
  • It’s our job to help you work through the details of your wealth

Client-Focused Services We Offer Include 

Planning for Retirement Waterloo, IA FSB Premier Wealth Management

Planning for Retirement

Saving money for your future

Saving Money for Your Future

Managing your Investments

Managing Your Investments

Education Saving Waterloo, IA FSB Premier Wealth Management

Education Saving

Protection Planning Waterloo, IA FSB Premier Wealth Management

Protection Planning

Managing your Debt Waterloo, IA FSB Premier Wealth Management

Managing Your Debt

Estate Planning Waterloo, IA FSB Premier Wealth Management

Estate Planning

Tax Planning Waterloo, IA FSB Premier Wealth Management

Tax Planning

Tailored To You

Our services are unique in that our staff dedicates their time to your individual questions, concerns and life goals. No two plans are the same because as our client, you have unique circumstances and dreams you strive to achieve.

Schedule A Discovery Meeting

Getting Started

Building a Relationship Beyond Finances Waterloo, IA FSB Premier Wealth Management

Building a Relationship Beyond Finances

We know financial planning and wealth management isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, which is why we keep our process as quick and informative as possible. We tailor the frequency of our meetings to your preferences, because while our goal is to meet once per year, your needs may require that we discuss them more often, which we are happy to do. Whether it’s at your place of business, a local coffee shop or a favorite lunch spot, we’re eager to meet with you wherever is convenient for you.

Our Planning Process

Step 1:

Schedule a Discovery Meeting

We make scheduling your meeting easy. Simply select a time that works for you, or give us a call to learn more about how we serve our clients.

Step 2:

Develop Financial Solutions

We’ll take the time to understand your goals and interests during our first financial meeting. Once we’ve discussed your needs, our goal is that you feel better prepared to achieve a confident financial future.

Step 3:

Foster a Relationship That Counts

Over time, our relationship will change based on your preferences and what financial approach should be taken. We want to instill financial confidence through our experience, knowledge and passion to help you move forward.

Broadening Your Expectations

With FSB, you can expect not only financial planning, but financial managing. We strive to work with you over time to help you understand, implement and maintain your financial comprehension. We will help create a plan that works for you and will continue to ensure that it is successfully carried out.

With ongoing monitoring, mentoring and management, we all succeed.

Let’s Get Started

Broadening your Expectation Waterloo, IA FSB Premier Wealth Management

Insights + Education

Stay Up to Date on the Latest Financial Trends

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Financial Guidance and Wealth Management 

For a Confident Tomorrow

Connect With Us

We believe that our financial solutions shouldn't be confined by our physical address. While we are primarily located in Northeast Iowa, our clients span across the Midwest. We enjoy working wherever is most convenient for you so give us a call or let’s grab a coffee, we’re excited to get to know you.

FSB Premier Wealth Management 

Corporate Location

131 Tower Park Drive, Suite 115,
Waterloo, Iowa 50701


P: 319-235-6561
E: corporate@fsbfs.com

With Additional Locations In:

Cedar Falls 

515 Main St. Suite A
Cedar Falls, IA 50613


2101 4th St SW
Waverly, IA 50677

West Des Moines 

9250 University Ave, Suite 117
West Des Moines, IA 50266