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Chief Morale Officer

Office Phone: 319-235-6561
Email: corporate@fsbfs.com

Murphy enjoys belly rubs, spending time playing with her family and chasing them around the yard, and singing her favorite songs for all to hear [which some people refer to as barking]. It is common for her to spend her time in our Tower Park office wandering around and offering her assistance in any way she can. When she's not mingling with employees and customers, she tends to strategize and daydream in her basket located in her favorite employee’s office [Ryan Risetter, who also provides her with complimentary room and board]. When asked what some of her favorite things about FSB are, she said that the people are super friendly, there is often popcorn popping in the breakroom, and due to the modern, open concept of our office building, there is plenty of room for her to run around indoors and to play fetch. 

She is a fluffy golden-doodle, both hypoallergenic and housebroken. A product of good grooming and a healthy upbringing, she exudes a kind spirit and boundless energy which is inspiring to all who interact with her. While she may be new to the financial industry, she is willing and eager to learn. Despite the intangible value she brings to the office, Murphy doesn’t require much in regards to compensation from FSB, other than getting pet/cuddled and having first dibs of the leftover popcorn and fast food items in the office trash bins. 

Murphy knows life can be “ruff” so she has made it her personal goal to make FSB’s employees and clients smile, no matter how their day is going. 

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