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FSB Premier Spring Break 2022 Thumbnail

FSB Premier Spring Break 2022

Spring Break may have come and gone, but our FSB Premier team members made the most out of it by traveling across the country and embarking on some amazing excursions. Here's what a few of our team members had to say about their vacations:

Tiffany Coffin

Tiffany and her husband, Mitch, headed to Las Vegas with roughly 20 friends and family to watch the New Mexico State Girls' Basketball team play in the Western Athletic Conference tournament. After cheering on their team, the crew went out on the town! Their favorite spots were the Dueling Pianos bar and the rooftop bar overlooking the Vegas Strip. 

Alex Vlach

Alex took a nice, long weekend trip out to Omaha, Nebraska to see the Henry Doorly Zoo and the Omaha Art Museum. 

Jen Marlin

Jen and her family made the trip down to Orlando, Florida to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort. After that, they made their way out to Cocoa Beach, Florida so the kids could swim in the ocean for the first time!

Jacob Stalder

Jake took a trip in late-February -- a little ahead of the curve -- with some friends to Dillon, Colorado where they went skiing, hiking, and had some relaxation. He opted to make the drive out there instead of flying so he could take in some of the sights along the way. Jake was able to take in the picturesque sights of the Rocky Mountains once he got there, as well as visiting a brewery or two (pictured below).

Ryan Risetter

Ryan and his family started their Spring Break in Nashville, where they spent two nights there and watched the Nashville Predators in action. After that, they made their way over to Folly Beach, South Carolina for some warm sunshine, fun and relaxation.


Check out more photos from our team members:

Tiffany Coffin and her crew out on the town in Las Vegas.

Jen's son, Jackson, at the Universal Orlando Resort.


Jake Stalder and his crew at a brewery in Colorado.


Ryan and family out and about in Nashville.


Ryan and Holly at Folly Beach, South Carolina.


Jen and the family at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


Ryan's son, Benny, getting a picture with "Gnash" the Saber-Toothed Tiger.


Ryan and wife, Holly, enjoying some wine together.


Ryan and family enjoying the beach.





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