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FSB Premier Holiday Favorites! Thumbnail

FSB Premier Holiday Favorites!

Special Announcements

FSB Premier loves to celebrate different holidays throughout the year -- for example, celebrating Halloween with our Mario Kart-inspired costumes:

But now, the holidays are finally upon us! With so many traditions and things to do per the season, it's hard to remember every single one so as not to miss out on any ounce of the Christmas spirit. 

Here are just a few favorite things to do from our FSB Premier staff to make your season more jolly and joyful:

Jen Marlin

Jen loves the holidays and all of the traditions that come along with it. For her, the holiday season starts on Thanksgiving Day, when she spends quality family time with her parents and sister who live in different parts of the country. The following day, her and her family cut down their Christmas tree and decorate it with all of their favorite ornaments. Jen also enjoys some holiday baking, decorating Christmas cookies, and building gingerbread houses with her two children. When it comes to holiday movies, Jen and her family will settle down and watch the classics -- especially her favorite, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Alex Vlach

Alex celebrates many different Christmas traditions, but there is one that he enjoys the most: having his family's dogs open up the Christmas presents.

His dog Leia (pictured) works hard every year to try and unwrap the Christmas presents under the tree. Alex and his family enjoy getting a laugh from this -- and it keeps the dogs busy, too! They do pretty well up until they need a little assistance from their owners to finish the job. 

Tiffany Coffin

This year marks the first year that Tiffany and her family got a real Christmas tree. Her kids had a blast finding the perfect tree for their home this season. On top of that, Tiffany enjoys bringing the kids to see Santa Claus and asking what they want for Christmas. 

Besides this, Tiffany enjoys volunteering and helping out with community programs such as the counting kettles for The Salvation Army of Waterloo-Cedar Falls. The holiday season is about giving back and helping others in need, and for Tiffany, she's happy to play her part in doing this.

Ryan Risetter

Every year, Ryan and his family officially kick off the holiday season the day after Thanksgiving, when they spend time together decorating their 10-foot-tall Christmas tree. It's always an adventure when you have to break out a ladder to decorate the tree! For Ryan, these are the days that he will always cherish as a family. 

We hope these give you inspiration for your next tradition! As always, we wish you a wonderful holiday season for you and your loved ones. 

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