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Special Announcements

Meet Lydia Varboncoeur - Premier's newest Operations Specialist.

Lydia comes to us with 20 plus years of experience in the banking industry, most recently in Fairmont, Minnesota where she worked as the contact center manager at a local bank.

She, her husband Jeff and daughter Josée (22) were all born and raised in Southeast Iowa so it was time to come back home to their Iowa roots and they could not be happier.

When it comes to free time, Lydia and her family are not ones to sit around. They are big travelers, so far visiting 20 plus countries including a recent trip to the Dominican Republic where they went ziplining and enjoyed the natural water slides!

When not traveling, Lydia and her family enjoy many different hobbies including motorcycle racing, reading, writing, playing games or just sitting around a fire listening to good music.  They have also been enjoying getting to know all that the Cedar Valley has to offer!  They have hit up some Waterloo Bucks games, gone axe throwing, and are frequent visitors to Anton's Garden.

  Lydia says her personal motto is “By land, air, or sea; as many adventures as possible as a family.”  We are so glad Lydia chose FSB Premier as her latest adventure! 

Written by Jennifer Marlin.

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