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2020 Year in Review Thumbnail

2020 Year in Review


Dear Clients and Friends of FSB Premier,

The year 2020 marked Premier’s 28th anniversary of serving clients. And while we knew it was going to be a special year, little did any of us know just what 2020 would entail.

How do you describe a year like 2020? Indescribable? Unique? Historic? From the pandemic caused by COVID-19, to one of the most highly contested presidential elections, to social injustices and unrest, to financial market volatility… the year 2020 is certainly one for the history books.

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has disrupted life as we know it for our families, businesses, and communities. And while 2020 was a year of remarkable challenges, in many respects it was also full of resiliency, compassion, and camaraderie. I am extremely proud of and applaud my colleagues’ resiliency and ability to meet the unprecedented challenges and events with success and care for our clients and each other.

Before sharing some of the other highlights of 2020, I’d like to pause. Sometimes we get so busy in our day to day work (after all, we do love financial planning!) that we don’t stop and say thank you to the people who have made our business what it is today – and that’s just what I’d like to do right now. We want you to know that we sincerely appreciate your continued confidence and trust, and consider you a valued client. Being the steward of our clients’ finances is a task taken quite seriously here at FSB Premier.

State of FSB Premier: Continued Measured Growth

We experienced continued, measured growth this past year, both in the number of clients we serve and in client assets under management. As of December 31, 2020, FSB Premier serves over 700 households representing investment assets in excess of $230 Million. FSB Premier saw a 30% increase year-over-year in managed assets, primarily as a result from introductions from our existing clients and other professionals.

As the number of clients that we serve continues to grow, so does our team member count. This past year we added two financial advisors, Scott Waechter and Jacob Stalder. Both of them have been great additions to our team and bring years of experience.

Expanding our Skills

Personal and professional growth continues to be a rock of the firm. We invest in the professional development of team members for their success, and in turn, for the success of our clients.

Our team participated in an Advisor Elite Program through First Trust, along with many hours of webinars and continuing education. Team members were also quite busy this year engaged in specialty training. Tiffany Coffin became a Certified Financial Planner, joining Alex Vlach. Crystal Weber completed her MBA at UNI. Jacob Myrvik and Jacob Stalder passed the Health/Accident exam and Abby Sears passed the Securities Industries Essentials exam.

Looking towards 2021! 

Many of us are ready to put this past year of unexpected challenges and constant change behind us. And yet, we also know that the symbolic turning of the page does necessarily bring a clean slate. We will continue to monitor COVID-19 along with the optimism of a successful vaccine.  A new White House administration will take office and start to shape and change policies and regulations, tax reform, trade, as well as the economic and investment environment and the overall impact to portfolio metrics and overall risk management.   Through all of this, please note our team has an unwavering commitment to excellence, sound management and oversight, with the goal to provide peace of mind so you can continue to focus on living your successes.

Thank you again for the opportunity and great pleasure to serve you!

Ryan Risetter


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